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Grounding and bonding are very complex concepts to wrap your head around. It seems like it is always changing . One thing we can tell you is that it is much needed for the safety of you and the equipment. If the grounding and bonding are not done properly all metal parts could potentially become energized. Including dryers, washers, metal, water, gas lines, etc. There are endless amounts of things that can become energized. We make sure we install grounding properly. We make sure the bond is done properly . If the bonding is not done properly your breaker may never trip during a ground fault leaving metal parts energized. This is the difference between a handyman and a licensed electrician . These are the things we should be looking for while working on your house or business.

Did you know you should not bond sub panels? The bond should only be done once at your home. If you have sub panels and you see the white wire and the bare wire on the same bar, this is not correct. Though you may not have had any problems, it does create what is know as an objectional current. This allows current to flow on the bare wire as well as the white wire. Also many people believe that ground rods are for your grounding. Ground rods have nothing to do with your breaker tripping or grounding they are for surges (static discharge) such as lightning. Do not be mistaken they are not created to take a direct hit from lightning just remove the surge (static discharge) lightning creates.  If you want more understanding of this or have questions or concerns please reach out to us.


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Most customers just want to know what something will cost. Here we offer over the phone pricing. We may not get exact but we can offer a range of what something might cost you before we show up. Most people don’t know what electrical work will cost and we want to be upfront and honest so you are not surprised with a bill you were not expecting.

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