Electrical Service Upgrades in Burlington, South East Iowa, and Western Illinois

We have all been in the house or building and then took a look at the wiring and just shook our heads. This is usually the result of several people over the years coming in and adding or taking out things. Or the result of a handyman that thought he knew what he was doing but did not.  If you think it may be time for a wiring upgrade big or small give us a call. We can climb in attics, through crawl spaces, and through tight areas. We can cut receptacles and lights in most walls including plaster and 2 story houses.  If you want to get the old knob and tube out of the house , get rid of the old fuses, bring a bigger size service in to the house, reach out to us. We can talk about what you are wanting and offer some pricing over the phone. If you would like us to come out and take a look at your electrical equipment we can do that as well.

We also do upgrades in commercial and industrial. Including demolition of old electrical and electrical equipment.


Electrical Upgrades

Upfront Pricing

Most customers just want to know what something will cost. Here we offer over the phone pricing. We may not get exact but we can offer a range of what something might cost you before we show up. Most people don’t know what electrical work will cost and we want to be upfront and honest so you are not surprised with a bill you were not expecting.

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