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T.A.P. Electric installs several types of fans including but not limited to ceiling fans, exhaust fans, electric actuated attic fans, electric vent fans, garage fans, and shop fans. We not only install but we also run wire to the fans. Ceiling fans can be tedious if you have never installed one. They come in several parts and pieces that you have to put together yourself with instructions that are not very clear. They require boxes that are rated to support the fan weight and it needs to be stated clearly in the box what the box is rated for. Typically 50 to 75 lbs. We can install fans in new construction, remodels, or even if there is already drywall or plaster there. We can install fans in offices, shops, garages, or any other place of business. Residential, Commercial or Industrial.

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Upfront Pricing

Most customers just want to know what something will cost. Here we offer over the phone pricing. We may not get exact but we can offer a range of what something might cost you before we show up. Most people don’t know what electrical work will cost and we want to be upfront and honest so you are not surprised with a bill you were not expecting.

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