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When it comes to dealing with a new service on your house or building it can get exhausting. All the rules to follow from the National Electric Code, the utility company’s rules, the authority having jurisdiction’s rules, city rules, who can do the work who can’t do the work and so on. These are all things we will take care of if you are looking to upgrade a service or have a new service installed.

We will complete all communications with the proper paperwork and licensing needed to perform the work. This includes scheduling with the customer for days we can complete the job. When you get in contact with us about a new service or an upgrade this is what to expect.


Upfront Pricing

Most customers just want to know what something will cost. Here we offer over the phone pricing. We may not get exact but we can offer a range of what something might cost you before we show up. Most people don’t know what electrical work will cost and we want to be upfront and honest so you are not surprised with a bill you were not expecting.

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