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We all know lighting can be difficult because there are so many different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes. Do you want the lights in the ceiling, on the wall, lamp lights, drop in lights, led lights, fluorescent lights, high bay lights, can lights, low voltage lights,  fan light combo, etc? Whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial we offer services to help get you through this process. We can talk about what lights you want, what lights people like the most that were in your situation or we can even get a design on light projects for larger projects. I can’t tell you what lights to choose because everyone likes different things but I can get you choices and prices that may help decide what direction you want to go with your lighting. It can be indoor, outdoor, patio, landscape, garage, shop, shed, and many others if not listed. Reach out to us with any questions or concerns regarding lighting.

We also install hard wired smoke detectors. In residential smoke detectors are part of building code in most areas. While there is no code in the National Electrical Code for smoke detectors they must still be installed to meet building codes.



Upfront Pricing

Most customers just want to know what something will cost. Here we offer over the phone pricing. We may not get exact but we can offer a range of what something might cost you before we show up. Most people don’t know what electrical work will cost and we want to be upfront and honest so you are not surprised with a bill you were not expecting.

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